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Three Game Styles to Chose From
- Play partners spades at 4 seat table
- Play solo spades at 4 seat table
- Play solo spades at 3 seat table
*Playing 'solo' simply means no one has a partner
One of the most challenging of skill games! Spades is the third most popular card game played in North America. In spades the whole deck is dealt out and it's up to you to assess your hand and 'bid' on the number of 'tricks' you will take. There are multiple 'rounds' to each spades game which allows the more skilled players to have a chance at winning in every game.

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Playing solo spades online is even more fun than playing spades with a partner. This way it is totally up to you when it comes to outwitting the competition. Also you can team up with others at any point in the game to try and keep the leader in check. Spades is a high tempo game with ever changing strategies.
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Once you have downloaded the software you can select it to leave a small desktop icon on your computer screen for easy 1 click access for whenever you want to play a game. You are also able to select your own screen name but this cannot later be changed so chose wisely.

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